About Aqua Preserve

About Us

Boasting over twenty years of experience, Aqua Preserve is one of the most well respected environmental firms in the industry. Honesty, integrity, and all-around excellent customer service are the key principals driving our success. From a one-man outfit to the multi-crew team covering South Florida, Aqua Preserve still embodies the same values today that keep our customers coming back and recommending us to others.

As with most industries, we frequently see companies coming up with various gimmicks to try and land jobs with dishonesty. These fly-by-night companies cause chaos by wasting time, money, and causing frustration for their clients. More often than not, these "miracle" solutions end up harming the environment far more than they were promised to help.

Aqua Preserve is dedicated, not only to our clients, but to protecting the environment. We don't sell gimmicks and instead refer to our tried and true methods while also keeping up-to-date with evolving technology and recommendations from state and federal environmental firms.

Our methods

AquaPreserve uses numerous different methods to get the job done depending on customer preference. These include (but are not limited to) chemical, biological, mechanical and manual labor.

Chemical application is one of the most common methods to correct imbalances
A healthy biological presence is necessary for supporting complex ecosystems
Manual Labor
Aqua Preserve is proud to offer chemical-free maintenance and restoration options


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