Environmental Services

Aqua Preserve offers an extensive portfolio of environmental services. From preserve maintenance and wetland mitigation to pond fountains and planting, we're proud to be South Florida's top choice for ecological management.

Lake & Pond Services

Aqua Preserve offers an extensive catalog of services for lakes and ponds such as algae & weed control, fountain installation & maintenance, and aeration solutions.

While chemical application services are available, we recommend and prefer to use manual and mechanical removal methods for the most ecologically safe remediation.

Wetlands & Preserves

With over twenty years of preserve and wetland maintenance expierence, Aqua Preserve is ready to tackle your project. Whether you need wetland mitigation services or regular preserve maintenance, our certified and licensed applicators have the knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations while maintaining regulatory compliance.

We also offer fish stocking and midge fly control.

Sustainability Solutions

Our experienced crews offer aquascaping & shore stabilization, storm water control, restoration & nutrient reduction, and environmental compliance services throughout South Florida.

Contact us for a free site evaluation to learn more about our sustainability and ecological stabilization programs.

Consulting Services

We offer a wide variety of environmental consulting services. These include services such as plant & algae identification; pond & lake research; water assessment & testing; wetland mitigation evaluation.

With our extensive history in the industry, we can assist with most environmental project planning.


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